Sol y Flores – Flower donation

The number of unemployed youngsters is increasing daily. Increasing unemployment is not only harmful to the economy, but also for the future prospects of many young people. Much talent is wasted because many young people are forced to sit at home because they cannot find a suitable job or training. The fear of a lost generation takes an increase in the whole population. Just as the call to intervene more vigorously into this.

Our  spurs ar earned by our voluntary commitment from the substantive, concerned and committed passion. Entrepreneurs who have a broad view on the social developments have an eye for it,  because they themselves are in the centre of our society. llike ‘Sol y Flores’, they have sponsored us with time, location, material and Budgets.  This corporate social responsibility means that entrepreneurs show a broad social commitment. Together we are serving a greater good.  After all, our youth is our future.

Thanks to the donation of 'Sol y Flores' we can give our event a cheerful, colorful and delicate beauty. Furthermore, we can make our guests very happy with those bouquets of flowers. We appreciate and are thankful for the contribution of 'Sol y Flores'. The VMCC team is immense grateful to 'Sol y Flores'  for those beautiful flowers donated to the event ‘Hart werken aan de toekomst’ on 16- 10-2015 in Rotterdam.